Need a label that sticks? Dec-O-Art has your adhesive solutions!

As Lippert transitions the powder coating material on their chassis to a new and improved surface texture, most commonly available adhesives will have trouble gripping the surface properly. Luckily, Dec-O-Art, your Label Experts, have the adhesive solutions for you! Dec-O-Art has a variety of products that meet adhesion standards and expectations for Lippert’s new TRI-TEX Powder Coating, but that’s not all. If you need a label that sticks to any surface, contact us. We’re ready to help! Our options offer an extremely high final adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces including the textured and low surface energy substrates. Our products have excellent chemical resistance. Take a look at our video below and see for yourself! Advanced solutions that conform to powder coating material is what you need. Order your high-performance Standard Adhesive or Pro Adhesive today.
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