Here Kitty Kitty Rescue receives donation from Dec-O-Art

Dec-O-Art’s employee-driven, community support initiative continues with another donation to a local charity.

As 2021 progresses, Dec-O-Art’s recipient of their most recent donation initiative was aimed at supporting animals and pets, with Elkhart’s own Here Kitty Kitty Rescue receiving the celebratory endowment.

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue, a no-kill shelter, began in 2011 and opened its new facility 6 years ago.

“In the last three weeks alone, we took in approximately 100 cats,” said Jen, who was working tirelessly to ensure proper medical attention and locate foster homes for the cats.

“We’re completely donation-based. We get the cats spayed and neutered, current on vaccines, tested for feline leukemia and FIV, micro-chipped, then put them up for adoption. We supply all the food and cover all medical expenses for our foster pets as well.”

“It’s always a pleasure to help support other small businesses in the community, especially when it’s clear that passion drives their goal to make an impact,” said Amanda Peters, part of the Dec-O-Art team. “Plus, who doesn’t love kittens?”

With Dec-O-Art’s donation, Here Kitty Kitty Rescue aims to expand its foster and educational programs while continuing to accommodate more animals in need and provide medical assistance.

“Help us get the cats off the streets. It’s so important to spay and neuter them, even barn cats,” said Jen.

To learn more about Here Kitty Kitty Rescue and how you can help, visit them on Facebook at or



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