Dec-O-Art’s Fred Dosmann Receives Associate Member of the Year Award From the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers

ELKHART, January 10th, 2022

The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) has awarded Dec-O-Art’s Fred Dosmann with the respected title of Associate Member of the Year for 2022. This annual award is presented to Fred in acknowledgement of his significant contribution to the trailer manufacturing industry. This recognition will be awarded at the 2022 NATM Convention and Trade Show in Tampa, FL in early February of 2022.

“I am very proud to have been associated with the NATM for over 30 years,” said Fred. “It has been an honor to be able to see their maturity, along with mine, throughout the years. We’ve collaborated with them since the ground level, before they were incorporated, so it’s neat to see the growth in the committee.” During those substantial 30 years of service in the NATM organization, Fred worked diligently along with the organization and their members on behalf of Dec-O-Art.

Dec-O-Art is a family-owned label printing company founded in 1971 and located in Elkhart, Indiana. Fred Dosmann’s father, Charles Dosmann was the founder and after more than 50 years of service, Dec-O-Art has become the premier source of quality labels and services to manufacturers of RV’s, trailers, and boats to automotive, aerospace, and even government affiliates. ISO 9001 certified since 2002, Dec-O-Art specializes in screen printing, digital printing, finishing, and more.

Fred Dosmann began his career with Dec-O-Art in 1980. Wanting to be involved in the family business to provide his expertise and make a name for the company, Fred worked in production, estimating, and sales before becoming an Owner of Dec-O-Art. He led the company as a Co-Owner for over 35 years. He had a clear passion for the company and began getting involved with the NATM industry 30 years ago. Fred has attended over 28 NATM Conferences throughout his active time at Dec-O-Art. He is excited to attend the NATM 2022 Conference as his last official conference and hand off the torch to his nephew, Nathan Dosmann, President and Owner of Dec-O-Art.

Fred’s most impactful contribution to the industry was working attentively with NATM to develop the standardized warning labels. In 2000, NATM wanted to give liability protection to all utility trailer manufacturers that were associated with the organization. During the next two years, Fred worked closely with NATM to write the manufacturing rules and have Dec-O-Art create all the images, designs, and layouts. After it was independently assessed, the standardized warning labels were copyrighted in 2002. Fred is delighted that he had a vital role in developing the labels that provide safety and regulation to the utility trailer’s standardized label needs. Because of this accomplishment, Dec-O-Art can proudly say that they are one of three licensed compliance label manufacturers certified by NATM.

Soon after that contribution, Fred began serving on the NATM Technical Committee. Throughout his years of involvement, he served on the NATM Compliance Board to continue keeping Dec-O-Art knowledgeable of any industry updates. He strongly believes in NATM’s values and is proud to have contributed to the industry.

Fred recently announced his retirement from Dec-O-Art after a fulfilling and gratifying 41 years. He is pleased to attend the conference one last time and to accept the 2022 Associate Member of the Year Award.

To learn more about Dec-O-Art and how Dec-O-Art has helped solve the problems of countless manufacturers with reliable and durable labels, visit

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