Dec-O-Art gives back to the community by donating to Mishawaka Troop Town, a charity aimed at combatting veteran homelessness while providing support and assistance.

Dec-O-Art, the family-owned, ISO Certified label and decal printing company wanted to highlight veterans and veteran support for their community recognition in commemoration of their 50th Anniversary.

To do so, Dec-O-Art partnered with Mishawaka Troop Town, or MTT, a veteran-owned and operated initiative aimed at providing housing and necessary services to help homeless and in-need veterans.

Our focus is on those troops who have been to the battle lines and have come home. Who have sacrificed and have seen situations and experiences that leave a lasting impact,” said Nathan Dosmann, President of Dec-O-Art. “Dec-O-Art is proud to help make the bridge of returning home a shorter and easier walk.”

With a donation of $50,000, Dec-O-Art will assist Mishawaka Troop Town in helping to bring their dream to fruition.

“We hope to be Indiana’s first stick-built, tiny home community, aimed at providing transitional housing for veterans,” said Jim Metherd, co-founder of Mishawaka Troop Town and a veteran of Desert Storm. “This is a steppingstone for veterans to get back to a meaningful position within the community.”

Mishawaka Troop Town will educate veterans with a skill set to live healthier lives, offering a community of assistance while providing spiritual, mental, and physical support.

Presenting some of the planned community’s blueprints, Jim continued. “This is our dream. This is what will become a reality and we hope to break ground in the spring. This donation is truly heartfelt. I’m speechless, honestly.”

Follow Mishawaka Troop Town on Facebook or visit to find out how you can help combat veteran homelessness and purchase an Honor Brick to support the community village.

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