Dec-O-Art’s employee-driven, community support initiative continues with another donation to enhance its community. As 2021 progresses, Dec-O-Art’s recipient of their most recent donation initiative was aimed at supporting the local environment, with the Elkhart River Restoration Association receiving the celebratory endowment.

The Elkhart River Restoration Association, also known as ERRA, is a group of engaged citizens, landowners, organizations, businesses, and government entities, that promote good stewardship to improve, preserve and protect the environmental, recreational and economic benefits of the Elkhart River watershed through education, proper land use practices, and by showing respect and care for this valuable resource.

Nikki Smith of Dec-O-Art commented on the importance of the ERRA.

“My husband and I are nature lovers so I was familiar with the ERRA and their educational events like the river clean-up which I’ve always loved and appreciated and tried to encourage. They are really doing a lot of good in this area.”

The Dec-O-Art team presented a check to the ERRA for $5,050.50 in recognition of Dec-O-Art’s 50th year.

“We have always placed an emphasis in environmental issues with water quality remaining at the top. Now we’ve branched into developing a plan that will address water quantity issues as well. Among the intricate agricultural and storm water issues that the river faces, the most important issue is keeping people involved in all aspects of preparation and conservation,” said Nancy Brown, ERRA Board President.

ERRA Board Treasurer and former President, David Troup elaborated.

“Water quantity is so much more visible than the quality so it’s much easier to get people enthused about reducing flooding and ultimately, quality and quantity are tied together.”

The donated funds will be used across a wide range of initiatives, including educational programs.

To learn more about the Elkhart River Restoration Association and how you can help, visit