Liz Ruff

I have an inquisitive nature that fuels my desire to share that knowledge with others. 

My name is Liz, and it is wonderful to meet you! Getting to know me involves understanding that I love cooking, singing, watching musicals, and spending time with my loved ones. Being a wife and mother is what I find to be most rewarding in life. Watching my children try and learn new things exhilarates me. My favorite hobby is reading, and I would recommend the In Death series by J.D. Robb to anyone yearning for an interesting story. My favorite memory is volunteering as a camp counselor for kids and adults with disabilities. I want to be known for always advocating for people who haven’t found their voice or do not have a voice.

I have an inquisitive nature that fuels my desire to share that knowledge with others. I love to teach, and I am extremely passionate about coaching employees. My current career highlight was in my previous role at Dec-O-Art as the Assistant Production Manager. I thoroughly enjoyed training new hires and watching them grow and move into new positions where they are thriving. I define success by how much impact my contributions have. Do my actions or attitudes influence others to be better or try new things? Would others use the word integrity to define me? If so, I would say I am successful. I love the company I work for because of their commitment to their people. I represent the company of Label Experts and will provide your company with my knowledge and service for any label, branding, or decal needs. I am eager to connect with others. Let’s chat! You can reach me at [email protected] or by calling (800) 225-6879 extension 127.

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