October 2017

Welcome to the New Dec-O-Art.com Website

We’re thrilled to launch our revamped website and hope you’ll find the new images and information beneficial. We’ve added lots more pictures to show you a sampling of the attractive, varied product ID that we produce. We also hope they give you ideas that you can incorporate into your own graphics and decals. Over time, we’ll be […]

Injection Mold Alternative

DecoForm offers a beautifully embossed, raised design that can take your logo to a new level of sophistication. DecoForm can simulate formed chrome or stainless steel or a multi-color injection molded piece. We can also incorporate different textures. The automotive grade durability will ensure your logo looks amazing for years to come. We can help […]

Get Answers When You Want Them

Get detailed information about your decals when it’s most convenient for you with an online account from Dec-O-Art. It’s easy. It’s fast. And it gives you access to a huge amount of information. Our online system allows you to: View order status and history Track packages Check prices View PDF’s of parts View your part […]

Dec-O-Art Wins a Global Media Award at the SEMA Show

Dec-O-Art, Inc. was awarded a Global Media Award for our new 3 dimensional decals at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Our chrome-look 3D Deco-Form was recognized by an international panel of automotive experts that reviewed over 2,000 entries in SEMA’s New Product Showcase. “Deco-Form’s embossed, raised design creates dramatic visual appeal for companies that want […]

New Consumer Shopping Cart at Deco-Graphics.com

Get 3D decals in fun designs. Did you see our cute Deco-Form frog mascot and wish you had a few for your kids – who LOVE frogs? Now you can purchase small quantities of fun Deco-Form decals at our new site, www.Deco-Graphics.com. Small quantities at low prices. We chose a few popular designs – in a […]

Communicate More with QR Codes

Want to make it easier for your customers to contact you? Or learn more about your product? Or place an order? Now you can do all of these things and more with QR codes on your decals. What are QR codes: Find out. What could you use a QR code for? When determining how your customers could benefit […]

Visit Our Booth at the SEMA Show

We’ve got lots of eye-catching new 3 dimensional samples on display at Booth 13084 at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas.        Stop by for a free Deco-Form sample.   We’re looking forward to sharing our latest Deco-Form projects with visitors at the show. They’re perfect for the automotive industry – not only do they look […]

We’re There for You in a Jam

When a customer got into a jam and ran out of their decal inventory, they called us in a panic. We were able to print and ship decals for them within 24 hours of their call. No delays. No hassles. And since their decals qualified for our Next Day Label production program, no additional fees. […]

The Value of Service Beyond the Sale

Want would you do if your decals suddenly started to bubble off your product? More importantly, what would your vendor do? When a long time customer suddenly had bubbles forming under their decals, we jumped into high gear to figure out what the problem was.   Even after we determined our decals weren’t causing the bubbling, we […]