Deco-Form FAQs

How big can a Deco-Form be?

The maximum size of an individual Deco-Form piece is 15" x 11". Multiple pieces can be combined into a single graphic, though. Separate tooling would be required for each 15" x 11" segment.

How long will they last?

Deco-Form is produced using automotive grade materials with 5 year outdoor durability. In an indoor environment, they would look beautiful and new throughout the lifecycle of your product. 

How  long does it take to produce them?

Our standard lead time is 20 days after the approval of art.

How  much does Deco-Form cost?

The price of these 3-D logos depends on a variety of variables, including: 

  • Size 
  • Number of colors
  • Design complexity 
  • Quantity
  • Materials 

With some sample art and a simple discussion about your preferences, we can quickly develop a custom quote for your logos.






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